6 Steps to doing your own Keyword Research

keyword research

When it comes to Digital Marketing in Singapore or around the world, almost everything starts with research. This is the same for SEO, as well as other forms of Digital Marketing. Why is Keyword Research Important? We all know by now that keywords are not the most important thing. However, choosing the right keywords is […]

4 Online Marketing Tips for small Businesses

small business

Online marketing is a powerful tool for any business, whether you’re a start-up or a multinational corporation.If you’re a newer or smaller company on a tight budget, you are probably looking for the top ways to maximize your resources and still achieve good results with your marketing. Here are a few simple steps to get […]

10 reasons why you need SEO in Singapore

seo in singapore

We’ve all heard of SEO and how important it is for businesses in Singapore and around the world. But why exactly do we need SEO? Here are 5 main reasons why every business should be using SEO. In this Digital Era, 90% of all consumers start will search online before making a purchase. This could […]

A Beginners Guide to A/B Testing

ab testing

A/B Testing is one of the best things about internet marketing in Singapore. Not too familiar with A/B testing? Well, you’re in luck! In our beginner’s guide to a/b testing, we’ll go through it is, why we should be using it, and a few simple tips for setting it up. What is A/B Testing Let’s […]

Are you Marketing your Brand the right way?

Brand marketing

Brand Marketing is the concept of branding where the brand name instantly informs customers about a company’s reputation, enabling them to trust the quality of each product or service the business offers.“Buy our product! Our quality is better than others.” This is a famous tag line used when it comes to Brand Marketing. When it […]

5 Reasons why You should be using Facebook Canvas

facebook canvas

Facebook Canvas rolled out sometime last year as a new and immersive way to get connected with your mobile audience. With the majority of all web traffic coming from mobile devices, Facebook Canvas is an extremely powerful tool that should not be neglected. What is Facebook Canvas? If you haven’t yet explored this Facebook tool, […]

Is Content Marketing Really that Important?

content marketing advice for brands

Content marketing has completely altered the way businesses interact with their customers. It has created a bond and understanding between customers and businesses. Since the massive growth of social media, brands must now become more communicative with their customers, especially if they want to build trust and loyalty. Many businesses are beginning to understand the […]

What is Behavioral Targeting and How should we use it?

behavioural targeting

What is Behavioral Targeting? Have you ever wondered why ads you see while browsing online seem to be related to things you’ve searched for or websites you’ve visited? This is because every time you search for something, a cookie is placed on your computer. The cookie has details about your visits and this is where […]

Google’s Smart Goals & Customer Match – Latest News in PPC

smart goals

Internet Marketing is constantly evolving and changing. There are always new trends, new tools, and new ways to enhance and improve your Digital Marketing Strategy. The internet itself is changing every day, and the way that people use the internet is changing as well – the way people search, the way people browse, and even […]